Mashayla Phillips NeoAnimoken

About Mashayla Phillips

   Paleontologist, sci-fi enthusiast, inventor, historian, geologist, cartoon/movie lover, tech help desk, pet whisperer, artist, and animator are the names that I have labeled myself over the years. Although all of them may not be my official title, they have made me who I am today as someone who seeks adventure while keeping the imagination open.

    For what I call myself today, well it is somewhere along the lines of artist and animator but heavier on the art side. I love to sketch and ever since learning how to animate in 3D - I decided that I wanted to do both just like Treasure Planet, The Iron Giant, The Road to El Dorado, and others. That is why I am studying both mediums so I can make my own and maybe inspire others to do the same. Just trying to find a job position that satisfies this desire with my intermediate level in both fields.