The First

Come now little ones, gather ‘round for it is time to hear the story of The First. Just as it has been past down to me, it is now my turn to pass down to you. It is said that in the beginning, our world was empty of life. There were no specks of green nor pools of red - just an empty dark world waiting to filled. One day something new and someone special came to our world. The one known as The First who gave birth to our home Hephaedia.

The First arrived as a great fireball who streaked across our skies. So bright that it is said to have turned night into day. Wherever it went, small embers rained down from above and seeded our world with life. For each one of those embers, they carried a part of The First down with them - linking us all together as one.


Viridi started off as a lab experiment. A liquid green ooze who came to life and escaped into space after finding the true intentions of the scientist who brought him into being. Escaping in a pod, the living ooze landing on Earth where he encountered a girl who wanted a friend. Together they fought crime with his powers to scale in size and stretch his body into any shape.

Shortly after developing this storyline, Viridi was official born on September 11, 2017. A member of a volcanic lifestyle species called the Hephaedians. A name who honors Hephaestus, god of fire and blacksmithery, and Hades, god of the underworld. The Hephaedians as well as other inhabitants treat the flowing magma and lava as the life giving property of the planet - similar to how we treat water.